Alex waiting so patiently for his lunch!

Katelyn waiting for her lunch!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Time has flown since last post

Time has really flown by since I last posted - we are finally getting more settled at home and I have gone back to work. Unfortunately in that time we also lost 4 family members so it has been a very crazy couple of months.
The kids are speaking very fluent English. They are definately developing their own personalities. Katelyn loves to shop and pick out her own outfits every morning and you would think that it is the end of the world if we don't let her wear her blue jeans. Alex is our animal lover - I think someday my dog will end up being his dog!Until then he sleeps with every stuffed dog he owns (and he has a lot of them)Life has definately changed and all for the better.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Ok we survived the Christmas holidays - now I am just trying to find my house again. It seems that a toy store and part of target blew up in it. The kids got the hang of presents real fast. They are finally starting to settle in a little bit - and we have had 2 nights where they slept all night. They get up early but that is fine since when I go back to work they will need to get up at that time anyway. We are hoping to try and bring our dog back home over the next week - as we found out that Katelyn is afraid of the cats and dog. She is slowing getting used to the cats so I have no idea what to expect with the dog. But I am so wanting to see my dog again - but I am sure he is having a good time at this grandparents house.
Hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year.
Sharon & Brian, Katelyn & Alex

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Finally Home

Sorry for the delay in getting this posted but it has been a crazy few days. Just before we left our internet access expired and besides that it was busy getting everything ready to go. The kids did ok flying - the parts I thought would be the worst were actually the best ones for the kids (take off and landing)but the flight itself was that was a challenge. The bad part to was that we had to change planes 2 times so it was a very long day. But we got into Chicago on time Thursday night and were met at the airport by family - it was so good to be home. The kids are getting adjusted - we start with family get togethers tonight to celebrate Christmas and I think they will enjoy opening presents. As soon as they get into a better sleeping pattern we will all being doing really good.
I'll try and post again after Christmas and update with some new pictures. Merry Christmas and Happy HOlidays.
Sharon, Brian, Katelyn and Alex